This year, amongst other tasks, the Volunteer Rangers will be developing the hillside area of the Nature Area. The Nature Area project, funded by the Heritage Lottery, was completed in 2013 although regular maintenance is still carried out.

The Hillside Proect will involve tree felling, removing low growing vegetation and then planting with smaller, native and more suitable trees and bulbs.

The trees and vegetation removal will allow more light in the area and along with planting native trees will increase its biodiversity.

This project is funded by the Friends of Jesmond Dene. If you would like to be involved or have any questions, please contact Sarah (Phone: 07966264391 or email

Timber: Some of the felled timber will be processed into logs to sell as firewood but some will be left as lengths or rounds for schools or wood turners. If you are interested in buying any timber, please get in touch. All proceeds go to the Volunteer Rangers and Friends of Jesmond Dene.